Should the Texas Rangers Move Neftali Feliz to Starting Rotation?


Apparently, Lee’s agent contacted the Rangers yesterday to tell them that it would take a seven-year deal to get Lee back in Texas.  The Rangers declined so Lee went off to the Phillies.  In ways, I don’t understand it but the more I look at the situation, I just don’t care.  If he wasn’t happy with six years with the Rangers with the seventh year option, provided that he kept up his good pitching, then he just isn’t worth it in my eyes.  It wasn’t about the money but it wasn’t about close proximity to his home either.  Who knows what made him make his decision, but I’m over it!

Moving on then…

There are a number of other pitchers out there that the Rangers can’t trade for, get in the draft, or upgrade to their rotation.

Neftali Feliz is supposed to have the opportunity to compete for a starting position when spring training gets here and I don’t see any reason that he won’t be able to secure a spot.  However, that was all during the process of acquiring Cliff Lee.  Since Lee is out of the picture, will the Rangers waste a minute more to move Feliz up into the starting rotation?

The answer depends.  Feliz is good, but as a closer.  Can he handle the pressure and the load that he’ll have when he’s in the starting rotation?  Worst comes to worst is if they make a move that was apparently too soon, he can always be moved right back.

I think the Rangers have a hell of a pitcher on their hands in Neftali Feliz.  Watching that boy pitch that final inning or two in the postseason was remarkable.  He has such impeccable talent that is only going to improve and when it does, he’ll be better than Cliff Lee.

Feliz is one guy that the Rangers need to consider bumping up to their starting rotation.  Sure, he’s a great closer but I think he could be more valuable as a starting pitcher.  What do you guys think?