Update: Michael Young Willing to Move to DH


As an update to my post yesterday evening, Michael Young has now spoken with club officials and while he does prefer to stay at third base, he is willing to help the team out and move to DH should the Texas Rangers end up acquiring and signing Adrian Beltre.

In addition, he also stated that he would be willing to play in multiple positions if that were to get him out and playing on the field. According to a post on MLB.com, he said, “Obviously, if I’m willing to have five at-bats at DH, I’d be willing to bounce around and stay active,” Young said. “If I’m going to get the majority of my at-bats at DH, I’d welcome any opportunity to get on the field.”

In Young’s contract, there is a limited no-trade clause and when approached in regards to a possible trade, Young said, “There hasn’t been any mention of that by the team,” Young said. “I want to stay here.”

The man just wants to play ball and he is obviously willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he stays a Texas Ranger and in play. He wants to stay with the Rangers so he’ll do what he has to – even if it means that he has to change positions… again.

“I’m willing to do what’s best to help a winning team,” Young said.

Currently, there has still been no deal reached between the Rangers and Adrian Beltre so whether or not this happens is still up in the air. You can bet that we’ll keep you updated, though, right here at Nolan Writin’!