Rangers Avoid Arbitration with C.J. Wilson and Nelson Cruz


Woke up this morning wondering what in the heck I was going to write about today then I started scouring online just a little bit ago and got a nice surprise! Two players have signed one-year deals with the Rangers….

It’s very nice to know that two young arbitration eligible men (good-looking as well!) have reached deals with the Texas Rangers in order to avoid arbitration. One is about to become a free agent after 2011 while one is entering his very first year of being eligible for salary arbitration…C.J. Wilson and Nelson Cruz.

Left-handed starting pitcher C.J. Wilson is simply remarkable. While he has apparently been enjoying his time in South Africa taking safaris and what not, he has also made time for young children in the area. That’s beside the point, though. He proved that he was an outstanding pitcher this past year making his transition from being a reliever for the Rangers to being a starting pitcher. I guarantee the Rangers are very content with that decision. Wilson secured 15 wins last season and signed a one-year deal Tuesday with Texas for $7 million.

Nelson Cruz is awesome at-bat and does wonders in the outfield. He had a batting average of .318 this past season through the source of 108 games in the regular season with 22 home runs and 78 RBIs. Cruz will get to further his time with the Rangers as he also signed a one-year contract on Tuesday worth $3.65 million.

Both talented men will have the chance to earn $150,000 in bonuses.

So, that’s two down with three to go. The Rangers still need to reach agreements with AL MVP Josh Hamilton, as well as two right-handed relievers – Frank Francisco and Darren O’Day. Hamilton led the Majors with his batting average of .359 and I guarantee he is next on the Rangers list of arbitration eligible players. He is definitely not one that they want to slip through the cracks. He has a great deal of potential and I think he is only going to get stronger this season.

Regardless, though, should the Rangers be unable to come to agreements with any three of these eligible players, the Rangers will make their first appearance at an arbitration hearing next month since back in 2000 when they lost a hearing to Lee Stevens, who was then later traded prior the season start.