Josh Hamilton Worth $12 Mil?


On numerous accounts, I have seen people that are saying they believe Josh Hamilton isn’t worth the $12 million that he is asking for. My issue comes in as to why. It’s not the fact of the matter that people are saying he isn’t worth the $12 million, but it’s why he isn’t worth it. There are two main things: age and relapse.

Some people believe that his age is a considering factor and that it should keep him from getting as much as he wants.

He’s 29 years old, people! How is that too old? How is 29 an age to be concerned about?

In my personal opinion, he’s in his prime. 29 years old is a perfect age and he has a lot of years ahead of him. It’s really been bugging me that people think he isn’t worth a decent amount of money because of his age. I don’t know why it is bothering me so much, but it really has been.

People are also suggesting that his “past” could creep back up and haunt him. Yes, sure, it’s possibly that the outfielder could have a relapse, but you can’t live on that each day. He has been doing well and I think he’s going to continue to do well. I don’t think relapse should even be a word that is coming out of people’s mouths about him right now. Like I said, it is possible for a relapse as that is something that is always a possibility. That possibility will never leave. However, we don’t need to be suggesting that it is going to happen and allege he isn’t worth money simply because it’s “possible” that he will relapse.

Hamilton is young and he is a solid hitter. He has a lot to offer the Rangers and while the Rangers may not give him the whole requested $12 million, he’s going to get a good chunk of that money. Plus, I think Hamilton is going to be one of those players that the Rangers are going to try to sign for a multi-year deal come Spring Training to keep him out of free agency.

Definitely look for Hamilton to be successful this year and to be signing a multi-year deal in the coming months.

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