Michael Young Trade Talks Still Looming; Young’s Fate Uncertain


These trade talks, rumors, whatever you want to call them are really starting to get under my skin. Yes, I like Michael Young so I don’t want to see the man traded because I think he has offered a lot to the team in the past 10 years (or will be in May) and while many don’t believe he can make DH work, I do. He has been moved several times in the past few years while with the Rangers and each time he has caught on to his new role quickly and exceeded many people’s expectations. I think he can do just that again. The 34-year-old has strong promise and can deliver – in my eyes.

Young, who is practically the team captain and face of the franchise, has said that he wants to remain in Texas and that was the whole reason he took on this reduced role so he could. Now, I don’t know if Young wants to be traded or not, but if he does then I’m guessing he decided that he wasn’t as comfortable will the diminished role as he once thought. Maybe he isn’t going to be getting as many at-bats that he was promised.

Then the Rangers. The Rangers have been saying they don’t want to trade Young. Washington has been quoted saying that he believes Young is the “straw that stirs the team’s drink.” So, what happened to that? Does he not stir the drink anymore?

Both the Rangers and Young have made it clear that they want to remain with each other – even despite the reduced role. Right now, everything is 100% unclear of what is going to happen or what is even being considered.

Young’s name is being thrown from here to there and back and has been for a couple months now. Some reports say that Young wants to be traded. Some say the Rangers are in talks with the Rockies and a deal could be cut as early as today.

If Young is traded, he is likely to go to the Colorado Rockies as they are in need of a second baseman and Young would be able to successfully fill that role. As of late, he has also been linked to the Angels.  In addition, the Rangers will need to trade him prior to May when he will have to approve a trade (assuming he maybe isn’t all for this trade).  And something that is keeping a trade from happening thus far, or supposedly, is the $48 million that is remaining on Young’s contract. That’s a lot of money and most teams aren’t willing to take it all up.

Do I think Young should be traded? No, I don’t. And it isn’t just because I like him and think he is a strong, versatile player that can adapt to any position, including DH. It is simply because with Young at DH and super utility infeilder, Washington can let all the infielders rest when needed. For example, while he is my favorite player, Kinsler is a bit injury prone. He has had at least one injury per season over the last five years. While he has been doing some strengthening and conditioning exercises throughout the offseason, Washington would be able to rest Kinsler (as well as other IF’s) in hopes of reducing injury. Why would any manager want to give up a player that could ultimately strengthen his entire team?

The first workout for the entire squad is nearing as all team players report to Arizona for Spring Training on February 20. Will Young be with the Rangers or will he be with another team? What do you think?

My opinion: I’m sick and tired of all this trade talk and all these rumors. Rangers: if you want to trade Young, say so. Michael: if you want to be traded, say so. Let’s get on with this. I like Young, but I’m tired of this subject taking up my sports feed!! However, I do think it would be a mistake to trade such a versatile player that could help the other players better avoid injury.

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