Josh Hamilton Arbitration Talks with Rangers Making Progress


Who wants a Valentine’s Day date with Texas Rangers OF and power slugger Josh Hamilton? I’d take it, but the Rangers don’t appear as if they want to go down that road. Monday, February 14, is the scheduled date for the arbitration hearing between Hamilton and the Rangers should they be unable to come to an agreement for salary before then. Remember, the Rangers are offering Hamilton $8.7 million while the outfielder is requesting $12 million. You can read more about my opinion here and more here.

Yesterday afternoon, Josh Hamilton spoke out to the media regarding his progress with the Rangers to avoid an arbitration hearing. Hamilton, who wasn’t so hopeful about settling a contract prior to the hearing a couple of weeks ago, said that they are making progress in talks and have even collaborated on a two-year contract. This contract, if approved by both parties, would keep Hamilton from going into arbitration next year.

While the two have progressed in talks about a contract that will make both sides content, Hamilton is still bracing himself for a hearing next Monday in Phoenix. Hamilton says,

"“You’ve got to look at it that way. If it happens, you’re ready. If not, that’s what everybody wants to happen. The talks have gotten better. We feel like we’re moving in the right direction toward each other. But it’s not about me and what I get. It’s about the guys coming after me and doing the same thing the guys did who came before me.”"

Hamilton also said that he would be disappointed if Young left the Rangers for another team. He explained that he would miss the leadership that Young gives to not only him but the entire team as a whole. Read the latest on the Michael Young trade and stay in the loop.

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