Young to 2B, Kinsler to DH: Feasible Option or Impractical?


In T.R. Sullivan’s Inbox column posted yesterday morning, one fan suggested that a scenario for Michael Young, since he isn’t completely happy with the DH role for it dampening his career as a defensive player, is to maybe move to second base. Ian Kinsler currently holds the second base position, so what would happen to him if Young moved? Per this fan, he would then become the team’s designated hitter.

Kinsler would be an excellent fit for the DH position not only because he can provide that pop, but also because he is injury prone. He has incurred at a minimum one injury in the every seasons for the past five years. Being in a DH role would help keep him healthier; however, Kinsler is great defensively – probably better than Young.

I wouldn’t want to take away his infield position because he is a fast mover and has been known to travel back into the outfield in order to catch a hit….and is able to do so successfully. He is always there, even if he doesn’t need to be, just in case.

While Kinsler would be an excellent fit for the DH position, I don’t think he should be taken off second base. Not only is my opinion based on the above, being an incredible 2B with the capability of moving all around quickly, but Kinsler has been the second baseman for the Rangers for the past five years. Young hasn’t played second base in seven long years.

I think Young being DH and super utility infielder is perfect for the Rangers. It will give rest to the players when they need it in order to keep the injury list to a minimum this 2011 season. This is going to be a powerful year for the Rangers as they have a title to defend and another World Series to make it to – but this time, they need to win it. They need everyone strong and healthy to get there and I think Young’s DH/IF Utility is the perfect way to get where they need to be. The Rangers and Young need to sit down, talk and straighten everything out because they need Young, the unofficial team captain and strong leader for the entire team. He is an asset to the team and time’s a wasting!

What are your thoughts on this scenario? Who do you think is better defensively – Kinsler or Young?

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