Notes from Surprise: CJ to Start Opening Day


After a more exciting offseason than Ranger fans are used to things are starting to smell a lot like baseball. Yesterday word came out of Surprise Arizona that the Rangers plan on using C.J. Wilson as the starting pitcher on opening day. If you followed the regular season last year this should be no shock, he had the most production out of all starters last year and finished the season 15-8. Obviously if that other pitcher the Rangers had during the playoffs last year stuck around Wilson wouldn’t have gotten the nod. On a personal note I really enjoy what C.J. brings to the Rangers, a fun personality who is not afraid to speak his mind and isn’t a zombie when being interviewed, I hope this ends up being a career year for C.J.

Other notes from around camp –

Michael Young will be out of camp for two days to tend to family matters, listened to Randy Galloway this afternoon on 103.3 ESPN Radio Dallas and his sources inside the Rangers indicated there was nothing fishy about this. We hope everything works out for Mike.

Everything worked out well for David Murphy courtesy of John Blake we found that Murphy’s wife Andrea gave birth to Cole Matthew early this morning in Texas. Murph was there and will back in camp by the weekend.

Richard Durrett at is reporting that Brandon Webb’s arm is getting stronger.

Lottery winners for the opportunity to buy tickets for opening day have been notified, if you did not win the team is offering chances to buy tickets for other premiere games this season.


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