Michael Young Trade Rumors Back Again…


I have gone on record as saying once spring started the Michael Young trade rumors would die off; maybe I should alter that to after the beginning of the regular season. In the last 2 days we have two reports of possible teams that may be interested in Young.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Philadelphia Phillies have serious concerns with All-Star second baseman Chase Utley. Utley who is 32 has experienced pain in his knee and has not played a game at all this spring; he was also unresponsive to a cortisone shot administered last weekend. The site is also reporting that Phillies’ scouts have been watching Young but have not called the team at this point.

Early this morning Ken Rosenthal reported that the Arizona Diamondbacks have re-started talks with the Rangers after talks earlier in the year have sputtered out. Rosenthal points out the enormity of Young’s $16 Million contract for the next 3 seasons, and also brings up that in May Young will have ten years of service and five with the same club allowing him to veto any trade. It’s also reported that Young has added the Phillies and the Cubs to his list of teams he will accept a trade to.

My opinion on all of this has changed, initially I felt that Young would be a distraction and if he wanted out the Rangers should make it happen. Michael has stepped up in Spring Training like the professional everyone has always said he was, yesterday he went 2 for 3 with two hits and two batted in. The Rangers should hold on to Young at least this season, use him in that Super Utility/DH role and look again at a trade in the next Winter Meetings. He’s an immensely valuable player for our Rangers and anything we get this season would be too little.