Texas Rangers Announce Chuck Greenberg’s Replacement as CEO is Nolan Ryan


While we didn’t go into great detail about the situation, we did report that we had heard about the issues surrounding the Texas Ranges and their CEO. Chuck Greenberg is resigning as the organization’s CEO. With that being said, the Texas Rangers needed to make a move in order to replace Greenberg and they did not waste any time.

It was just last night that reports started surfacing about the departure of Mr. Greenberg and today, the Texas Rangers took the next step in the process by naming their new CEO – team president Nolan Ryan. You can see that we just put up a post with the official press release offered by the Texas Rangers.

Apparently, Greenberg is simply leaving because of different styles between him and the rest of the members of the board. Now, Ryan will be the one to oversee all the business and baseball operations.

Will this affect the team and players in any way? Second baseman Ian Kinsler and outfielder David Murphy don’t think so and neither do I. Kinsler and Murphy virtually had the same comments regarding Mr. Greenberg in terms of his leaving the club would not affect the team on the field.

Kinsler said, “Chuck was a great guy the time I talked to him. Other than that, there’s really nothing to say, I guess. It seemed like he had good ideas. I don’t know exactly what happened. It doesn’t affect the club in the locker room or on the field. So we’re not going to worry about it. I hope Chuck has success wherever he goes.”

Murphy said, “Things like this aren’t going to affect us on the field,” Murphy said. “I don’t know details, but the time that Chuck was here, he was an awesome guy. He seemed like he was going to steer the franchise in the right direction. We’ll miss him, but in this profession, whether it’s the front office or ownership or players, it’s a constant revolving door. We’re used to people coming and going.”