Harrison, Lowe Get Shelled, and Elvis Leaves the Building


Another rough one for the Texas Rangers last night, Texas lost to the Cleveland Indians 6 to 12. I don’t have too much to add to this, they weren’t good but it is only a practice game. I’ll separate the highlights and lowlights below.


Elvis Andrus who did not record a home run in all of 2010 after recording only 6 in 2009, picked one up last night in the first inning with one out and no one on. The broadcast followed Andrus back to the dugout and Wash looked like he was having convulsions he was so surprised. David Murphy who is trying to usurp Borbon picked up a home run in the fifth. The team as a whole was 4 for 8 with runners in scoring position which I feel is a good stat to look at for this game.


Rangers pitching Coach Mike Maddux on the rotation yesterday said that CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, Tommy Hunter, and Matt Harrison are deserving of rotation spots and the fifth spot is what’s open. Matt Harrison took to the mound yesterday and gave up four runs in four innings all of them earned. Wonder if after the game he wishes he hadn’t spoken too soon. I would have to imagine both the four and five spot are still “open” if a contender can step up. — Cough cough that’s you Feliz.

Mark Lowe had another awful inning, in one inning he have up 3 hits and four earned runs bringing his spring ERA to 14.14, there was talk about him filling in the closer spot if Neftali Feliz were to leave the bullpen but clearly he has more work to do.

Today’s game will feature another start from Neftali Feliz probably five innings I would guess, this one isn’t on television but you can listen to it at MLB.com or the MLB At Bat 2011 app. Game time is 3:05 Central against the Seattle Mariners.