Power Rankings Around the Web: How the Rangers Stack Up


Every Monday a few baseball sites put up the Power Rankings, typically these aren’t just the teams with the best record, momentum and performance in all aspects of the game come in to play. Here’s where the Texas Rangers stack up.

Baseball Prospectus

Rank: #1 in the American League – Jay Jaffe had excellent things to say about the Rangers, since this is a subscription site I won’t re-post here. Just know the Rangers are Number 1!


Rank: #1 in All of Baseball – This week’s voters were Jason Grey, Tim Kurkjian, David Schoenfield, and Jason Stark. They quoted Joey from BBTIA for their comment.

No team in baseball boasts a more impressive run differential than the Rangers’ 58-26 mark, thanks in no small part to a potentially breaking-out Matt Harrison (14 IP, 1.29 ERA). — Joey Matschulat: Baseball Time In Arlington


Rank #1 in All of Baseball – These rankings were from last week after the 4-0 start.

The Rangers key to winning is to simply pound the cover off the ball. Just ask Nelson Cruz, who looks like a man among boys after racking up a 1.786 OPS to open the season while becoming just the third player since 1919 to homer in his team’s first four games. (When we get this weeks rankings I’ll make sure to update the post.)


We are all on a big Rangers buzz right now, it’s nice to know it’s not just us. The media is actually paying attention to Texas.