C.J. Wilson Throws Strikes for the Community


Tonight Rangers’ ace C.J. Wilson will host his 3rd Annual “Strike Out” bowling tournament. This is a charity event that Wilson has run the past three years. The tournament is a benefit for the Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.

On Tuesday morning C.J. appeared on 103.3 FM ESPN Dallas and radio hosts “Ben and Skin” shared an impressive story about a child whose life he touched. The  president of C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities Robert Champagne’s son Micah was in the hospital with hemophilia in 2006. Wilson along with other teammates visited the hospital. As the players were leaving, Micah pointed at C.J. and told his dad that he was the only player that hugged him and was his new favorite player.

Details for the event and more after the jump…Here is a quote from Robert on  C.J.’s website LeftyLefty.com

“When I look back over the past 5 years, I see unbelievable energy, sacrifice and hard work of a purpose, a purpose that started in December of 2006 from a brief meeting of an athlete and a chronically ill child. C.J. and my son Micah, a 5 year old little boy who was facing uncertain circumstances, met when Micah was hospitalized. C.J. and Micah clicked like two old friends. C.J. gave Micah a hug that day. That hug turned into a friendship, out of that friendship a purpose. I would have never asked for a son that is chronically ill, but I believe in all things there is a purpose and in life there are moments when it’s possible to make a change for the better. The meeting between C.J. and Micah was one of those moments and the purpose is C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities.”

So tonight if you are in the Arlington area, stop by Splitsville in the Arlington Highlands off of I-20. The doors open at 6:00 PM and I’ve posted the flyer with ticket details below.

It’s great to have such a talented athlete on the Texas Rangers but is even better to know that we have a great person in the community. We applaud his efforts and hope the Rangers can sort out his contract so we can keep him in North Texas for years to come.