Rangers Make Call to Pirates Inquiring About Closer Hanrahan


According to FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal the Rangers have made inquiries to the Pittsburgh Pirates regarding Closer Joel Hanrahan. Here is a snippet from Kenny’s article.

"The Rangers, according to a major league source, have made low-level inquiries on Hanrahan, who is 13 for 13 in save opportunities this season with a 1.66 ERA.Hanrahan, 29, is under club control through 2013. But the Pirates, who entered Sunday only one game under .500, are trying to build momentum and end their streak of 18 consecutive losing seasons, a major league record.If the Pirates were willing to trade Hanrahan at all, it would be for a significant price."

NBC Sports notes that Hanrahan would be inputted in the eighth inning role as we have a solid closer in Feliz. Possibly in 2012 he would take over as the closer, allowing Feliz to join the rotation.

This would be a good move for the Rangers to pick up extra help for the bullpen. Where I would be hesitant is with giving too much up for a relief pitcher. Obviously the Pirates would want Jurickson Profar, Neil Ramirez and/or Martin Perez. Even if it was just one of the three, I’m not sure it’s a good move. Obviously everything here is speculation on my part, we will keep you posted if anything official comes down the wire.