Cruz/Hamilton Return with a Vengeance – Complete Game Shutout for Ogando


What a spectacular night for the Rangers. Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton both found their way back to Arlington, and Alexi Ogando continued to dominate as a starting pitcher. Tonight the Texas Rangers beat the Chicago White Sox 4-0.

After some AAA competition both Cruz and Hamilton were ready to be back with the big-league club. In Josh Hamilton’s first swing of the game he hit a home run to the lower home-run deck. In the game the Hambino was 2 for 4 and scored two runs (his home run and was brought home with a sac fly from Adrian Beltre). Not to be outdone Nellie was 1 for 4 with a two-run homer to left. It felt like Cruz wasn’t all the way back, but his swing was there in the bottom of the sixth.

The Rangers only had one pitcher in today’s game, a very good one. Alexi Ogando went the distance allowing only five hits and earned six strikeouts. Ogando was masterful the entire game and a real treat to watch.

We’ve been saying for weeks that the offense needed to show up to the park. That spark arrived with Hamilton and Cruz. Now…let’s all stay healthy and build a good lead in the AL West.