Rangers Fight Through Storms – Lose to White Sox 8-6


Last night’s/this morning’s game was longer than most, clocking in at 3 hours and 21 minutes. What really stretched things out was a 2 hour 58 minute rain delay. It was a scary night for folks in DFW as tornadoes and thunderstorms threatened the area. At the ballpark fans were evacuated into the service tunnels at one point. I went to sleep last night assuming we would get this game called, that after the Oakland game was rained out this would be our payback. Negative

The Rangers went into the rain delay trailing 4-2, they tied the game coming out of the delay in the bottom of the fifth inning. From there the Sox took the lead again, despite a Rangers rally attempt this morning the boys couldn’t come all the way back.

Derek Holland was the starter for the Rangers and had a tough short night. The wind was whipping around the park and the White Sox took advantage of it early. Carlos Quentin had a solo home run in the first and a three-run homer in the third. In four innings he gave up four hits and four runs. Despite the home runs, Holland had his strike-out pitch working well, and probably would have competed late in the game if not for the weather.Brett Tomko picked up the loss going two innings and allowing two runs. Yoshinori Tateyama saw his first Major League action going .2 innings allowing a hit and a run. Rhodes, Lowe and Bush were all used to finish up the game.

Josh Hamilton was three-for-five with an RBI, and apparently took some head first slides, Richard Durrett has a good story about it here.

They play again today at 1:05 and hopefully they can win the series.