Ogando Gets Mugged in New York City


Prior to tonight’s game I continued to read that Rangers starter Alexi Ogando has had a great season, but really can only throw a fastball. That while he has excellent movement on the ball, opposing batters will eventually be able to figure him out. This was certainly true last night as Ogando was completely spanked by the New York Yankees.

To be fair to Ogando…this is really his first bad start for the season, prior to tonight the right-hander was 7 and 0 on the season. Ogando earned the loss tonight, and the rangers were again simply unable to rally.

Alexi Ogando went 1.2 innings, allowing six hits and six runs. He picked up a strikeout and allowed a walk. Despite the short/multiple-runs outing, Ogando’s ERA is still low at 2.71. You have to give credit to the Yankees hitters,  for being able to take down a pitcher many considered to be in the early Cy Young Award discussions.

After Ogando the Rangers pitching woes continued, Michael Kirkman entered the game gave up three runs on three hits. Yoshinori Tateyama followed that up allowing thee runs on three hits. Overall the Rangers’ pitchers went eight innings, allowed fourteen hits and twelve runs. You at least want the bullpen to be able to do damage-control, when the starter doesn’t have his stuff working.

Few good moments occurred in this game. Michael Young picked up two RBIs in the bottom of the fourth inning. Elvis Andrus and Craig Gentry each had an RBI a piece.

Tonight the Rangers take on the Yankees again, hopefully with better results. Stacy will have the preview this afternoon.