Profar Developing Unexpectedly Multi-Dimensional Game


You’ve already heard plenty about Jurickson Profar from me, I’ve developed quite the sports-crush on him. The young shortstop is taking care of business in Hickory. Our best friends over at did a story about him. Nathaniel really has a good feel for the type of player he is.

"Jurickson Profar, an 18-year-old shortstop in full-season ball (just picture me taking long, dramatic pauses before listing each of those attributes), has a .221 Isolated Power. That on top of an obviously fantastic sense of the strike zone, good contact skills, and the requisite speed and defense.Given that Profar wasn’t supposed to profile as any sort of power threat, this is big news, just like the Low-A breakouts of Mike Trout and Nick Franklin last year, two players that were thought to be contact-and-defense oriented until they unexpectedly started clearing fences.It should be noted that Profar isn’t a slugger–he’s only clubbed six homers, but boasts 18 doubles and five triples in his 55 games. But of course, his body should mature over time, adding power to this, which means he may now project as a doubles hitter who can clear the fences 10-20 times per year. Or, to put it another way, imagine Orlando Cabrera with plate discipline."

For the rest of this excellent story, check it out here. As always we will continue to keep you posted on the young Rangers to be!