Texas Rangers Show Interest in Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez


As the trade deadline approaches, there will be more and more rumors about players being traded and clubs that have shown interest in certain players. Well, right now, the Texas Rangers seem to be showing interest in two players both from the same team but they are nowhere near the talent of the player that traded for last year – Cliff Lee – but there may be enough potential out there in the market to get them something good and needed.

Carlos Beltran

of the New York Mets is one that the Rangers reportedly have their sights set on and for good reason. After his performance this weekend in Arlington, who wouldn’t want him – especially teams that aren’t having the best of luck getting RBIs. Beltran went 4-for-12 during the three-game set in Texas and three of those hits came during the game on Saturday. He was able to score three times while bringing in three runs. On Sunday, he had one hit and two RBIs. Prior to these hits, he hadn’t safely hit since going a combined 4-for-11 in a three-game series against the LA Angels June 17-19 in which he secured at least one hit in each game.

Because of his success, though, the Rangers will definitely not be the only one in the bidding run for the would have been center field starter who went to right field as it was in the team’s overall best interest. He has seen 76 games in right field this season. His line looks like this: .278/.372/.480. He has recorded 10 home runs, 21 doubles as well as 49 runs batted in. He has been struck out 46 times and has been walked 40.

If Beltran were to be traded to the Rangers, he may find himself back in center field rather than right field. After all, the Rangers have suffered through several injuries to their center fielders this year and then having to deal with substitutes that at times did not show their full potential.

Just this past weekend in the three-game set against the Mets, the Rangers put three different guys on in center fielder starting with Josh Hamilton then moving on to Craig Gentry and Endy Chavez. So why not add another one into the mix? Well, to be put simply, they don’t need him. Endy Chavez is ideal in center and former All-Stars Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz are doing just fine in the outside corners of the outfield.

Beltran’s contract with the Mets ends at the end of this season and is making $18.5 million this year – the cost isn’t worth it for the Rangers even with his offensive ability, in my opinion, because the Rangers aren’t exactly significantly hurting in that department.

On the other side of things, though, the bullpen is in desperate need of help and that is clearly evident to anyone that pays close enough attention…and well, maybe even to those that don’t pay much attention. Francisco Rodriguez would definitely be a better-suited interest for the Rangers in all aspects as compared to teammate Beltran.

After all, if you take a look at the stats of the relievers for the Rangers, they rank 27th in the league and hold an overall 4.53 earned run average. It is simply not impressive. That’s all that can be said about that.

Having a look at Rodriguez’s performance this year, he has 20 saves this year, with his 20th coming on June 23 against Oakland, ranking him 7th within the league. He has been a little up and down all year but more down as of late. He ended April with an impressive 1.86 ERA and six saves. He finished May with eight saves and .165 ERA. Now, in June, he has five saves but an unappealing 8.18 earned run average. He has three blown saves on the year.

Despite his recent struggles, however, the right-hander could definitely add some potential to the bullpen with Darren Oliver and Arthur Rhodes both being over 40 years or age – yes, they are pitching fine, but you never know when it may just be too much. Plus, it would be great for the team to have another closer in place of Neftali Feliz, who has been struggling this year as compared to last year. In addition, the Rangers still likely have interest in moving Feliz to the starting rotation at some point in time – possibly next year – and having another closer on hand would definitely make matters easier. If K-Rod does come to the Rangers, he will likely be put in the setup role and some reports have said that he would be okay as the setup man.

So, in my opinion, I see Francisco as a decent deal but don’t see the need of Beltran especially when considering the amount of money involved.