From Reports: Rangers Signed 16 Year-Old Nomar Mazara for Record Bonus


Today is the first day of the international signing period, and the Texas Rangers have apparently started things off with a bang. According to a report from ESPN Deportes, the Rangers have signed 6’5 left-handed outfielder from the Dominican Republic.

Baseball America yesterday ranked the top International free agents, and Mazara was put at number 10. This was a ranking of signing bonus forecast, and seems fairly alarming. The Rangers have reportedly awarded a 5 million dollar signing bonus to Mazara, which is new record for international signing bonuses. So if Mazara was expected to be 10th in bonus money…where do you think the others may end up?

This comes after the team signed outfielder Leonys Martin earlier this season. I certainly like the aggressiveness of the front office, building for the future and performing in the present.

There isn’t much out there on Mazara right now, other than he’s a power hitter. A tall left-hander with raw tools is certainly exciting, but there seems to be concerns about how raw he is. I’m not sure where they would stick him in the system, possibly the Dominican Summer League?

We will certainly keep you posted on his progress and any other signings the Rangers may pick up. Also for more coverage on the minor leagues, make sure to check out Seedlings To Stars as well.


The Rangers are also thought to be close to signing the number 2 player on the projected bonus rankings by Baseball America – Outfielder Ronald Guzman. We’ll have more as it happens!