Tragedy Strikes in Arlington – Texas Rangers Win Dedicated to Shannon Stone on my Behalf


Last night the Texas Rangers won the game (as did Derek Holland with his third career shutout) but lost a valued fan as he reached over the outfield wall to catch a foul ball that Josh Hamilton was throwing to him and fell onto the concrete area that is just behind the scoreboard wall.

It was a tragic night for the fans that saw this happen, his young son that watched his father fall as well as the entire team especially Josh Hamilton, who shouldn’t blame himself for the event that happened but is sure to feel that he played a part in the man’s death.

Prayers go out to the entire family as well as friends of the firefighter, Shannon Stone, from Brownwood, Texas, in addition to Josh Hamilton and the rest of the Rangers team and organization. On my behalf (although I have no right technically), last night’s game is dedicated to Stone and his young son. Baseball is something special that fathers and sons share more so than many other sports. I cannot say that it is something that my son will share with his father, but it is something that he will share with me.

My hope is that Stone’s young son will continue his love for the Texas Rangers and baseball in general despite the accident with his father. My hope is that there is indeed a father figure within his life that can continue to share the love of the sport with him because his father will live within him through baseball and that’s something I can almost guarantee.

Again, prayers go out to all of Stone’s family and friends. And as a fan, I feel terrible for Hamilton who has been through so much. I can’t begin to imagine how this has made him feel so my prayers go to him as well. And while we do not always know the reason, everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for everyone and we can be sure that Shannon Stone will be in a good place.