Rangers All Star Profile: Adrian Beltre


Five years at $80 Million with a $16 Million vesting option for a 6th year. This was the contract that Adrian Beltre signed in the off-season. The contract was a shock to Texas Rangers’ fans, which were comfortable with the current option at 3rd base at the time. Many questioned the move, after Cliff Lee was not resigned. It was expected that Texas would go after a pitcher like a Greinke or Garza. Beltre has surpassed my expectations this season.

For 2011 with the Rangers, Beltre is currently hitting .273/.314/.499 with an OPS of .813. Prior to the season I predicted 100 RBIs from Beltre, and he is on pace to blow my prediction out of the water. Currently Beltre has 19 home runs and 71 RBIs.

On Sunday Beltre nailed a two-run homer, winning the game 2-0 for the Rangers. He has an impressive bat, and an even more impressive glove. He has been a solid defensive third-baseman, despite having 11 errors on the season.

Predictions for the 2nd Half –

Beltre will continue to drive in the runs and should end up with around 125 RBIs; I would also expect him to finish with 35 to 40 home runs. This was a pickup I didn’t agree with at first, but I’m coming around. I think he may have put the contract-year arguments to bed. We look forward to seeing him start in the All-Star game on Tuesday night!