Rangers All-Star Profile: Josh Hamilton


There isn’t much I can write here that Rangers fans don’t already know. Josh Hamilton will be attending the All-Star Game for the fourth year in a row, this after winning the 2010 American League MVP award – and leading the team to the World Series last season. Hamilton came to Texas on a trade with Cincinnati. We all know of his amazing battle back from the grips of drugs and alcohol. The first overall pick of the 1999 MLB Draft, has certainly lived up to his billing – even if it’s a few years later than expected.

Prior to the season Hamilton was eligible for arbitration, and wasn’t happy to be in the spotlight regarding his contract. He inked a two-year deal with the Rangers to prevent that talk from clouding the next two years. Then almost immediately as the season began, Josh Hamilton was injured in a headfirst dive on April 12th. He healed quickly and was back out on the field on May 23rd.

This season despite the injury mentioned previously, Josh has impressed. In 2011 in only 54 games, the outfielder has 11 home runs and 49 RBIs. He is currently batting .301/.357/.542 with an impressive OPS of .899.

Rest of the Season Predictions:

Josh’s stats won’t end up nearly as impressive as his MVP season. This is not to say he won’t have a good season, he will contribute and still be successful. I look for him to finish with around 25 home runs and 80 RBIs, then next season should be a return to his MVP numbers.

Congrats Josh on being voted by the fans as an All-Star game starter!