Kinsler tops among Fantasy Second Basemen


Ian Kinsler has been money in the leadoff spot for the Rangers this season. If you drafted Kinsler for your fantasy team you might be in a position to win some money. Disclaimer: Gambling on-line is illegal and we here at Nolan Writin’ do not condone it. I was lucky enough to draft Kinsler in my 14-team points league. Ten-teamers are for wusses, and rotisserie is for football.

Kinsler has provided more fantasy points for his owners than any other second baseman in 2011. Despite a somewhat low batting average, Kinsler’s 80/66 BB/K ratio is among the league’s elite. His 25 out of 27 in the stolen base department is pretty special too. Kinsler has scored 524 fantasy points to date compared to his nearest competitor Dustin Pedroia‘s 486. Robinson Cano (480 pts.) and Chase Utley (277 pts.) were probably at the top of most draft lists during Spring Training. But Kinsler should be at the top of your list of second sackers for next year.

Rangers hitters, in general, are a valuable asset in fantasy point leagues. Michael Young currently ranks 20th among all hitters and Elvis Andrus ranks fourth among shortstops. Mike Napoli also comes in fourth at the catcher position. You need to have a good offense to compete for a points league title, but pitching is the real key to winning. There are a few Rangers hurlers that should be considered valuable assets as well. C.J. Wilson has stepped up to become the team’s ace and currently ranks tenth in overall fantasy points for starting pitchers. Wilson has performed on par with bigger name pitchers such as Felix Hernandez and Tim Lincecum. Derek Holland ranks 24th, outperforming Chris Carpenter and Zack Greinke to this point. Holland owners have to be pleasantly surprised with the four shutouts. Colby Lewis ranks 30th and is another player to consider when putting together your draft chart for 2012. In the relief department Neftali Feliz has been somewhat of a fantasy disappointment. Coming off the Rookie of the Year performance fantasy owners were expecting big things form Feliz. Why not? The kid has electric stuff. But Feliz has blown six saves and his 26 saves converted rank 21st in the big leagues.