Hey Cliff Lee, Wish You Were in Texas Instead of Philadelphia?


I think it is kind of funny that the Texas Rangers made it to the postseason – and for that matter, all the way to the World Series – without Cliff Lee, who became a free agent at the end of last season. The Rangers did everything in their power to keep the powerful pitcher in Arlington, but was unable to fend off the Philadelphia Phillies who came in with an offer at the last minute.

Cliff Lee turned down a six-year offer with the Rangers and headed to Philadelphia to be a Philly once again for a five-year deal. Lee ultimately went to Philly because of the stacked starting rotation that the team had and after all, it was his original team. While they had a great year and the rotation did perform outstandingly well throughout the season, they simply didn’t have it in them to make it as far as the Rangers have this year, for the second consecutive year.

So, my question is: do you wish you would have taken that extra year contract so that you could be part of a winning team for the second straight year? I bet you do!

That’s what you get, Lee, for thinking that the Rangers simply didn’t have it in them to make it to yet another postseason and World Series appearance. They’ve done it and their team is going to keep doing it for years to come. They have everything – prevailing starting pitching (on most days), incredible relief pitching, powerful offense and dominant defense.

For all you non-believers, you better get ready to see the red, white and blue team in a lot of postseason games from here on out – at least for a decade with such a developed young and powerful team.