The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Yu


Do Yu want to be my friend? The Yu Darvish posting war is over and now Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels can continue to work his magic and hopefully get Yu signed to 5-6 year contract around $12 million a year and put the Texas Rangers in a great place.

Now, I had promised I wouldn’t write about Yu but there is an element of the fan base that is uncomfortable with this move. The reasons are varied but include the idea that Japanese baseball isn’t the majors, that the Rangers need Prince Fielder more, and the question of why the Rangers would spend their money on an untested hurler rather than on  a proven commodity in C. J. Wilson.

Before I go into discussing these issues the most critical thing to remember is that everyone’s fandom is different. Are you the type of fan that sits in the cheap seats win or lose and root on the boys? Or are you the buy-high-priced-tickets-from-StubHub-when-the-team-is-the-talk-of-the-town guy or girl?Neither is wrong; just different. It’s no different than the traditional back of the baseball card guys fighting with sabermetrics people. Baseball is a simple game, being a fan is harder.

First, granted, Japanese baseball, which if we are being technical is called the Nippon Professional Baseball League, is not the major leagues. But if Yu is debunked based on this then I don’t ever want to see any player promoted from the minors again; because AAA level baseball isn’t Major League baseball either. Remember when the Rangers paid signing bonuses of $936,000 to Kevin Matthews, or Jake Skole of $1,557,000 and Kelin Deglan of $1,000,000 all right out of high school. You take gambles based on talent and Darvish is no different.

Secondly, Prince Fielder is a great talent. But, in the wake of the Albert Pujols signing, he will also command great money. Remember, Fielder’s agent is Scott Boras; who will be more than interested in making a splash in this year’s offseason. I, for one, think that Michael Young and Mitch Moreland make a competent battery at first base until some of the younger guys come up. The money that would be used to sign Fielder would be better spent on retaining the services of valuable Ranger pieces like Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz.

At the end of the day is Fielder worth not only the money he will be paid, but is he worth possibly losing other Rangers pieces? I vote no.

Finally, it became clear that C. J. Wilson didn’t want to stay in Arlington. If you don’t think this is true, take a look at his comments following his signing with the Angels. While the Rangers didn’t submit an actual bid they tested the waters with an assumed four year, $60 million offer which of course was shot down in favor of going to the Angels for five years and $77.5 million. In my opinion, all that the regular Rangers fan needs to remember about the C.J. versus Darvish debate is this quote from Wilson. “If it was all about the money, I would be a Florida Marlin right now. I turned down a lot more money.” C.J. made his choice.

Anyway I’m excited about the Rangers getting Yu. I think that Jon Daniels is an evil genius with the control of a baseball team. I know Nolan Ryan will do anything to win, and I hope that Wilson woke up this morning with the realization that Darvish is more beloved in Ranger Nation than he is or ever was.

As Always Go Rangers!