The Rangers’ Offseason (This Far)


I’ve decided that my first post is going to be a quick recap of the bigger things that have happened since Game 7(sad face). This shouldn’t cover everything, just the things that could change the team in 2012.

-The Rangers sign Joe Nathan for 2 years with a team option for 2014 worth $14.5 million. I absolutely adore this move. Look, we know how good Feliz can be, and if he does come out of the gates and pitches like the second coming of Nolan Ryan, then Jon Daniels somehow acquired an All-Star closer in Joe Nathan, and a TORP in Neftali Feliz for $14.5 million. Hopefully it works out that way.

-The Rangers lose C.J. Wilson to Anaheim. Obviously, I loathe this move, though I do believe the Angels overpaid for him. He could come out hot, but I think that the Rangers offense helped C.J.’s numbers way more than the Angels’ will (Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus’ defense certaintly didn’t hurt either).

-The Rangers win bidding for Yu Darvish with a record bid. This move could potentially be the biggest of the offseason for any team. This kid is good….really good. The Rangers FO expects him to be a TORP and hopefully he ends up being just that. Plus, I think this move really shows how committed the new ownership and Jon Daniels are to winning, and winning smartly.

These are the 3 biggest moves thus far, I believe. Please comment with any other moves that you think will impact the Rangers 2012 Season substantially. Also, I would like to hear about moves that you think they should make. Until next time, Go Rangers.