Adding Fielder And Keeping Moreland


Prince Fielder could make the Texas Rangers line up deadly not just through his own ability but through what having him what other moves could be made. Fielder coming to Texas doesn’t necessarily mean that Mitch Moreland would leave or that Moreland would be hurt by being taken off of first on a daily basis would be a bad thing. I think if the Rangers can get Fielder to sign a contract that doesn’t cost the first born of every Rangers fan his presence could shore up the outfield, as well as giving the bench some respected depth.

A lineup that would feature Fielder in a Ranger uniform could easily turn it into the murderer’s row of our generation. No matter the depth or ability of the Angels or any other teams rotation a lineup of 3-8 that would feature Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Michael Young, Prince Fielder, Adrian Beltre and Mike Napoli would be enough to decimateany pitcher  especially with Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus leading off. Along with either David Murphy or Craig Gentry in center fielder, either of which should have an excellent chance to have a better statistical year given that they would be the only player that opposing pitchers might throw sub-par pitches to.

Fielder at first would mean that Moreland would be out of an everyday gig, but what it would do would do is open him to be able to play DH, outfield if injury necessitates and pinch hitting situations. Moreland has the ability to be a big hitter, and out off the bench is something that the Rangers haven’t had in the past. Moreland’s 2011 offensive production was .259/.320/.414 with 120 hits and 16 homeruns. His offense was hampered with his 92 strikeouts to 39 walks. But his low numbers may be attributed to wrist injury that nagged him from June.

Moreland’s 2010 major league production was .255/.364/.469 with 37 hits and 9 homeruns in 145 at bats. With a 36-25 strikeout to walk ratio may be a better indication of what he can do when healthy. A production level of that magnitude ready to come off the bench would be huge. His AAA numbers in 2010 were even better at .289/.371/.484 with 102 hits and 12 homeruns in 353 at bats. I think getting him out of the daily grind of first while hurt will give him time to grow into a much better hitter.

Fielder may also allow the 25 man roster to be set with his signing if we assume that Yu also signs. With Holland, Yu, Harrison, Feliz and Lewis as the starting rotation along with Ogando, Yoshinori, Uehera, Lowe, Feldman, Nathan, Adams and Gonzalez( assuming he returns with a new deal from his agent Boras when Fielder signs). Perhaps I am the only thinking putting Ogando back into the bull pen could create an almost daily guranteed shutdown with Ogando/Adams/Nathan. Along with the starting position lineup that was previously mentioned plus a bench of Moreland, Gentry and Torrealba the 25 man roster could be dangerous.

JD and Nolan have the ability to turn a good team in a dynasty we just have to see if the short term financial cost can be off set with the knowledge that few teams can touch what the Rangers would become.