A Minute In The Life Of….



Damn. Another strike out. That make 12 for this guy. What did he throw me last time? changeup, curveball, fastball then a fastball. Four pitches, man that was embarrassing. I need to do something, 0 for 4 isn’t going to cut it. Not on this team, not this year. The on-deck circle is like a spotlight on a stage on Broadway. Don’t look at the crowd.

“Strike One” The menacing umpire yells.

One down for the guy I’m supposed to be protecting in this lineup. I want him to get on base but I don’t want to be the one to leave him there. This rookie picture looks to be tired, makes sense, he’s already thrown 115 pitches. He can’t throw me a curveball, I cant hit his curveball, but I think he knows it. Wait, here it comes…

“Strike Twoooo!” The umpire calls while my teammate swings and misses.

…Jesus that’s pretty nasty. I can’t hit that. I can hit his fastball. I crushed his fastball earlier this year. He know’s this, he won’t give me a fastball to hit. The sweat in his eye is distracting him. The flies on his neck are definitely bothering him. It’s to hot here for a northerner like him. The plate looks dusty, how well can he see it? Well enough I guess. One run. All we need is one run, we can scratch that off. No. Focus on the task at hand. The only thing that matters is getting on base.


Wow. That wicked curveball gets another one. 13 on the night for this kid. My turn. He is looking at me like the game is already over. Twinkling eyes. Very intimidating for a young kid. No curveball. Can’t hit the curveball. Alright I’m set, let’s see what we got. First pitch…damn…curveball.

“Strike One!” My eyes cringe as the ump yells.

I cant hit that. I need a fastball. He is tired I can see it. Make him make a mistake. Crowd the plate, make him throw outside. Here we go, second pitch….what is that…slider. Outside, good. Mad. I can see it in his face. He wanted that call. Emotions are high. He is close. No curveball. One run. Don’t try to kill it, just get on base. Alright here it is….windup…what is it…oh God….fastball….CRACK….