Promoting Yu


There’s no doubt that the hype surrounding Yu Darvish is going to be enormous. He will be, perhaps, the most hyped rookie in Rangers history.

The question is, what can the Rangers do to further promote their newest stud pitcher?

There are always the more obvious things that we’ve already seen time and again. Things like Yu Darvish Bobblehead Night and Yu Darvish Replica Jersey Night are nice, but a bit played out. I’ve come up with 3 original ideas that are all specific to Darvish and Japanese culture.

  1. Yushi Sushi Night
    Have you ever eaten raw fish outside on a hot Texas night? Would you like to? That’s exactly what Yushi Sushi Night has to offer! Fresh plates of sushi with a special edition Yu Darvish chopstick set!
  2. Samurai Sword Night
    The samurai warrior has been an important part of Japanese culture for over a thousand years. On Samurai Sword Night the first 10,000 children (12 and under) will receive a free katana to commemorate the rich history of Japan and her people!
  3. Replica Marijuana Leaf T-shirt Night
    He said that he never intended to celebrate drug culture, but the shirt will always be a part of the story of Yu Darvish. You can get your very own replica on the night of this special promotional giveaway! (First 25,000 fans. Sizes vary by availability.)

So, those are the three that I came up with. Let me know if you can think of anything else that might heighten the aura of excitement that already surrounds this special young man.

Press on, Rangers fans.

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