The Least Wonderful Time of the Year


Writing about sports is not like writing about other things. Local and national news happens everyday. Movies are released weekly. Video games are constantly hitting store shelves.

If those are the things that you write about, there’s always something happening. But, when you write about baseball, you sometimes hit a wall.

A wall called February.

February is sort of an awkward place on the baseball calender. There aren’t many big name free agents left on the market and Spring Training is still almost a month away.

Baseball news in February is pretty much this player or that player talking about getting healthier in one way or another. They ran more. They ate less. They lifted more weights. They’re in the best shape of their lives! This’ll be their year!

Not much to write about, really.

For the fun of it, I went back to my old site and read through my February archives from 2011.

I found…

  • 5 posts about the Michael Young trade drama
  • 4 posts about the media being bad at their jobs
  • 1 post featuring links to random stories about pitchers
  • 1 post about how much I dislike A-Rod (and Tom Hicks for signing him)
  • 1 post about the Rangers making ESPN their new radio affiliate and why that was a terrible idea
  • 1 post about the Rangers losing their first Spring Training game to the Royals

If you take out the MY trade drama posts, you’re left with 8 posts for the entire month of February. That’s a pretty lean month.

All of this isn’t to say that I’m having trouble coming up with content or that there’s nothing to write about.

Like all baseball fans, I just want it to be March.

Doug Wachter over at Call to the Pen wrote a piece about Ian Kinsler and why he should be considered one of baseball’s elite players. Not second basemen. Players. Go check it out!

Press on, Rangers fans.

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