What To Do With Josh Hamilton


Next year at this time we could be reading all about how Josh Hamilton has signed his own multi-mega million dollar deal…or how he has resigned with the Rangers. Personally, I am on the fence about this one.

His numbers would definitely garner a huge deal next offseason, but with a closer look you can see why I am still hesitant to jump right in on a huge deal for the outfielder.

His 2011 campaign ended up looking pretty decent, with a slash line of .298/.346/.536 and 25 home runs. Not bad considering he missed almost a month with a broken arm.

His 2010 MVP season was even more impressive, sporting a whopping .359/.411/.633 line with 32 home runs. Somehow doing that and winning the AL MVP while missing all of September with a rib injury.

His 2009 season was a mess of injury’s so I won’t mention that right now, but his 2008 campaign was equally as impressive as the others. Posting a .304/.371/.530 with another 32 home runs. This was the only season he has played more than 133 games. Even his year with the Reds only saw him play in 90.

There definitely seems to be a recurring theme here. I don’t mean to beat a dead horse but this is something that CANNOT be overlooked when considering a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal. We all love the guy, love his story, love his compassion, and his style of play, but good business says to let this guy walk and make up his production some other way.

The obvious other way would be the 2012-13 free agent market. The biggest name on next year’s slugger class will be Nick Swisher…or Andre Ethier. Either one I dont’t think will be able to replicate the kind of numbers’ that Josh is capable of putting up, when healthy.

Mike Hindman over at BBTIA has a great article on Hamilton’s injury, how it has effected other baseball players, and what it could mean for his future. After reading this article, I worry even more.

Now, if a deal that will protect the club and still compensate Josh, then obviously I am all for it, but I do not think that Ft. Knox should open it’s gates for the slugger just to keep him in Arlington. Just some thought. Until next time, Go Rangers.