Left Handers And The Rangers Bullpen

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As the end of the offseason is quickly approaching the Texas Rangers bullpen still has a hole in position of left handed pitchers. There are some viable candidates and I firmly believe that one or two of them will begin the year in the bullpen. In the 2011 season the left handed pitchers were Darren Oliver who signed with the Toronto Blue Jays during the offseason which is the third time he has left the Texas Rangers. The other was Mike Gonzalez who is, at the time that this being written, an unsigned free agent.

Any left hander that the Rangers would move into the pen should not expect to see a great deal of time in action with the presumed bullpen featuring Alexi Ogando, Mike Adams and Joe Nathan. With the condition of the bullpen as it is now I would love to see the Rangers trade Koji Uehara for a utility infielder and two prospects and allow two left handers to move in the pen. Among those that should be looked at for inclusion should be a returning Mike Gonzalez, newly signed free agent Joe Beimel, Rangers prospect Michael Kirkman, and another Rangers prospect Robert Ross.