Hambone: Finding The Strength To Keep Supporting Hamilton

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Maybe I am getting old, today I even thought about yelling at kids who were walking on my yard. The reason this matters is I am having issues with the current minor rebellion against Josh Hamilton by Texas Rangers fans. Hamilton is severely damaged goods and has been that way from his first day in Arlington, but he has made no attempt to hide that. I have in my life followed, been a fan of and died with some of the best baseball players of all time. Most have them have had major flaws and I have cared little for their actions off the field. Baseball players are, after all, just ballplayers.

Hamilton put his story out there in every graphic detail for everyone to see in his bestselling book Beyond Belief: Finding the Strength To Come Back. This book should be required reading for any Rangers fan. This book described the rise and fall and comeback of the baseball phenom that is Josh Hamilton. The worst of his story is common in baseball, players getting lured into the worlds of alcoholism and drug abuse and losing the dream of baseball. Where Hamilton is different is that he had the ability to pull himself together and achieve his dream.