Top 5 Ranger Hitters Of All Time

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The countdown to Spring Training is high gear and Texas Rangers fans are full of hope for the first real time in the history of the franchise. Fans of just about every other team in baseball have experienced what the Rangers did last year. Some fan bases like those of the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies have almost come to expect to get in into the postseason and have a run at the World Series. This will be the first time in Rangers history that Arlington expects to get back into the post season.

With that in mind I decided to put together my top five batters in the combined history of the Texas Rangers and the second Washington Senators. The eras are different and range from the play as you are mentality of the expansion era to the chemically enhanced steroid age to today’s reliance on training and incredibly advanced statistics. But there are some things that transcend time and those will be what this list is based on. Requirements will be a minimum of 3 seasons with the franchise which will rule out short term impact players, and then the two statistics that will be used will be Batting Average and On Base Percentage. Slugging will not be used as it rose across the board in the Steroid era.