Dropping The Ball…And Mitch Moreland


The title says it all. With the crazy schedule I have and some important social events, it’s been pretty hard to post. I even had to promise a friend of mine that I would post twice tonight, though I don’t think that will happen. Luckily, the other great writers on this site did a terrific job picking up my slack and wrote some excellent Texas Rangers stuff.

While I was off in my own little world I did some thinking/research about Mr. Mitch Moreland and what I think his future could be.

Let me start by saying I think every analyst that I’ve heard speak of him has given him an unfair judgement. If I hear the words Mitch Moreland and not enough production from a 1st baseman again I think I may scream. We are in year number two in the Moreland era, technically 1.5, and we are yet to see a full, healthy season from the kid.

Yes, I know, a line of .259/.320/.414 is not one expected of an AL first baseman, but he is a left-handed power hitter that was hitting over .300 in April and May, or should I say before his major wrist injury that required surgery.

I’m going to end this short post with something a little wild. I am going to say that Mitch Moreland will hit .290/.360/.515 with 25 home runs, all the while playing solid defense at first and helping bring a third straight AL pennant to The Ballpark in Arlington. Is this to far of a stretch? Stay thirsty my friends. Until next time, Go Rangers.