Napoli’s New Contract, A Comparison

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2012 will be the sophomore year of the Napoli in Texas thanks to a new one year contract. Jon Daniels and the Texas Rangers ownership again have shown that they are willing to put the money up for another year and hopefully another chance to get to the World Series. Now that Mike Napoli is locked up for another year there should be some serious thought given to the future of Yorvit Torrealba and exactly how good Napoli is compared to other catchers in the league.

If the Rangers are committed to getting better both this year and in the years to continue there cannot be room made for players that are not able physically, mentally or emotionally to help the team. Napoli in 2011 stepped into the role that Torrealba was supposed to play with such an impact that he defied the critics, the Angels and his own career numbers. 2012 will show the Rangers and the world if what we saw out of Napoli last year was legitimate or a one-time fluke. It would be wonderful to hear the NA-PO-LI chant echoing through Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in October.