Of Andrus And Profar

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On February 8th the Texas Rangers signed Elvis Andrus to a three year deal that sets the timeline for Jurickson Profar in motion. Andrus has been the shortstop now for 3 seasons and about to start his 4th. While he has a lot of talent what is coming soon is a showdown between him and the number 1 prospect in the Ranger organization Jurickson Profar.

Unlike most situations where there is a big league talent in a position and a prospect that is being groomed to take that position these two stars are both young. When a strong position player starts to get advanced in years then there can be a natural progression towards a younger talent. In this situation there is only a 4 year age difference. In 3 years the Rangers will have to ask themselves what are they going to do with Elvis Andrus and what are they going to do to keep him playing at a top level until that decision is made.