An Interview with Brian Boynton


I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Brian Boynton, an MLB Fan Cave finalist that is also a fan of the Texas Rangers.

I caught up with Brian a few days ago on Twitter and asked him if he’d be interested in an interview. He liked the idea, so I sent him an e-mail with 9 questions about himself, the Rangers, and the Fan Cave.

My questions and his answers follow…

1. First things first, how and when did you become a fan of the Texas Rangers? Are you a fan of any other Dallas teams or any teams around the country?

I have been a fan of the Rangers my whole life. Growing up my dad was a big fan, so naturally I fell in line. I really began paying attention to them in 1997, when I was 9 years old.

I am also a fan of the other Dallas teams, the Cowboys, Mavericks, and the Stars.

2. What is your favorite memory of watching the Rangers? What made the experience so memorable?

My favorite memory would have to be last season in the ALCS, when Nelson Cruz hit his walk-off Grand Slam in the 11th inning. This is a memorable event because I was at that game and it had the greatest atmosphere I have ever been a part of at a baseball game.

I remember walking out and everybody chanting “CRUZZZZZ” all the way to the parking lot.

3. Who was your favorite Texas Ranger growing up? Who’s your favorite Ranger now?

Growing up my favorite Ranger was Rusty Greer because he played the game the way it is supposed to be played, never holding anything back.

Currently my favorite Ranger would have to be Michael Young. He has done everything for this organization that they have asked of him. He may have complained about moving to the DH role last season, but that was short lived and he flourished, having maybe the best statistical offensive season of his career while playing various positions in the infield.

4. You’re a finalist to be in the MLB Fan Cave. What has this process been like, from when you submitted your application to getting the news that you were a finalist? What made you apply for the Fan Cave in the first place?

The process has been great and being named in the top 50 was very exciting. Since then it has been very busy campaigning for votes and just spreading the word about the Fan Cave.

I applied for the Fan Cave because, since graduating from college last May, I have found the job market very slim and this opportunity would greatly help me in my career path, trying to be a sports talk radio host.

5. In your submission video you portray yourself as a superhero named Ranger Man. Where did you get the idea for Ranger Man? Do you ever roam your neighborhood wearing a Texas Flag as a cape?

I first got the idea because I bought the flag last year before the playoffs and I wore it to all the playoff games I went to, including Game 6 of the World Series. I noticed that a lot of fans really seemed to like it and I received a lot of recognition for it.

I was also trying to portray myself as one of the more entertaining fans in the MLB.

I generally do not wear the cape around my neighborhood because I try to not let my neighbors know of my unique skill set. Besides, no good superhero reveals his true identity.

6. If you’re selected to live in the MLB Fan Cave, is there anything unique that you’ll bring to the experience? Besides your diehard Rangers fandom, that is.

My unique skill is [that I am] a Texan. There is a certain amount of pride in having one of our own selected that only Texans would understand.

7. I’ve seen you interacting with other Fan Cave finalists on Twitter. Have you gotten to know very many of them? Do you like that you’re part of that small community of special people?

Yes, I have gotten to know a few of my fellow contestants and we all seem to get along well. Being a part of this small community is great and I have had the privilege of meeting some very awesome people.

We all want to be one of the finalists chosen to spend the summer in the Fan Cave, but I secretly believe we are all pulling for each other as well.

8. In your video you say you traveled to Game 6 of last year’s World Series. Have you ever experienced anything like the last 3 innings of that game? What was it like sitting amongst so many happy St. Louis fans when it was all over?

Up until the bottom of the ninth, that was the greatest game I had ever been to or even seen. My buddy Jordan and I had run down in the 9th inning to stand behind the Rangers dugout, ready to charge the field when we won.

Obviously that did not happen, but it was still a great experience that I would never take back. I just wish, along with so many other Ranger fans, that the outcome had been different.

It was a very sobering feeling being around so many happy Cardinals fans. I honestly felt while driving up there that we were unbeatable and that this was finally going to be our year.

9. Is there anything else that you’d like for Rangers fans to know about you?

That if I am voted into the Fan Cave I will do everything in my power to bring in Derek Holland, to give everybody something to laugh at.

Please vote now and vote often.

You can find Brian on Twitter @RangerfanBrian. You can vote for him for the MLB Fan Cave here. Voting ends Wednesday, so you’re running out of time to procrastinate.

Vote on, Rangers fans.

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