Napoli, Posey And Antlers

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This spring Buster Posey will be rejoining the San Francisco Giants after having his leg broken in an intense collision while he was blocking the plate in attempt to keep Florida Marlins Scott Cousins from scoring. In an interview today the Giants head coach Bruce Bochy gave an interview in which he said he had made it clear to Posey that he will no longer be allowed to block the plate in an attempt to stop a run.

Why does this matter to Texas Rangers fans? Because of a certain play by Mike Napoli blocking the plate in the bottom of the 8th in game 4 of the ALCS to keep the game tied. If Bochy is allowed to take Posey out of plays like this over concern over his health than a vital part of baseball will be gone at least in the games he plays. Seeing Napoli hold on while he was hit like a truck by big Miguel Cabrera was awe inspiring. But had Cabrera just been allowed to score could have changed the course of history.