Rangers And Nationals: A Shared History

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In 1972 baseball moved to Arlington from the nation’s capital. Originally they were the second incarnation of the Washington Senators. These Senators began the life of the franchise in 1961 after the original Washington Senators moved to Minneapolis in 1960 and became the Twins. As an expansion team the most they shared with the original team was the name but when the team another team was formed that became our biggest rivals, the Angels. At the time they were a continent apart but the two franchises are connected for life. After years of mismanagement, something that until recently was a franchise trait the team was moved to Arlington. They moved in to an old minor league stadium that was ill equipped to handle a Major League team that would become the Texas Rangers.

During this year the Texas Rangers will be doing giveaways at home games that will honor the past 40 years of Rangers history. This season I will be posting information on the history of the Rangers and the second Senators to help fans appreciate the top of the mountain that we are at now since for so long we have existed in pits of despair. But this article is about something else entirely. In this the 40th year of the Texas Rangers I would like to argue that given our shared history any person who is in need of a National League club to cheer for the Washington Nationals are the team for you.