Rangers And Nationals: A Shared History

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Reason number one, the Houston Astros suck. Yes they are technically in Texas but the rivalry that has grown up between these two clubs is becoming more intense. Since the beginning of Interleague play the battle for the Silver boot has become something both fan bases aspire to win. Yet more importantly the impending move of the Astros to the AL West will make them a division rival, and cheering for a division rival is an unforgivable fan sin.

Reason number two, the Nationals curly W. The logo most recognized with the Nationals is the cursive upper case W. The second Washington Senators were the ones who first used that logo. When I wear my Senators throwback items they are often confused for Nationals gear. What a great way to support your Rangers at the same time as pulling for the Nationals?

Reason number three, the years of struggling and recent success. Misery loves company and fans that have been around a while have seen the low of lows. This similarity will allow Rangers fans to understand the path that long time Nationals have been on. In the history of the Senators/Rangers the franchise is 3843 wins and 4272 losses. The Nationals have 492 and 640 losses. For 47% win record versus a 43% win record. Yeah they feel our pain.

Reason number four, Ivan Rodriquez. Pudge was a fan favorite for both clubs. What else needs to be said about this wonderful man and a ball player?

As always Go Rangers, and for me Go Nationals too.