An Open Letter to Josh Hamilton


Last night I wrote a 500 word rant about Josh Hamilton, his recent comments, and how he has lost me as a fan. Truthfully, it was a bit of a grind. I had a lot to say and spent a lot of time trying to say it just the right way.

I’ve decided to condense all of my ideas in the form of an open letter. Hopefully it will help me to convey my thoughts in a more manageable way.

Here goes…

Dear Josh,

Stop talking. Play baseball.

There it is, my letter to Josh Hamilton.

Last night I said that I was done supporting Jamilton, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be actively rooting against him. I want to see him play well for as long as he’s in Texas, but I hope that his time here is short. If I were Jon Daniels, I would give him one insultingly low offer, tell him that’s all he’ll get, and then let him walk.

Ya know, the C.J. Wilson plan.

In Friday’s press conference, Jamilton pointed out that baseball is a business. If we look at it that way, then a player is no longer a man, but an investment, right? The team is investing in the player’s abilities, not his character or his good intentions.

What kind of investment is Jamilton then? Not a very sound one, if you ask me.

Press on, Rangers fans.

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