The Return of Scott Feldman


Today was the first intrasquad game of the Spring and

some players really stood out

, including Scott Feldman. Today he only needed 10 pitches to get through his first inning of work, inducing three groundballs. The three batters he faced were the fearsome trio of Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, and everyones favorite addiction rattled media magnet, Josh Hamilton. He claims to have thrown all of his pitches and definitely utilized his sinking action to get the ground ball outs.

The question that comes to mind when hearing this good news is this: What is going to happen to the rotation if Scott Feldman blows everyone away during spring training? I know I campaigned to keep Matt Harrison in the rotation a while back, we’ll get to that later, but having a former 17 game winner with a nasty sinker in the rotation sounds pretty intriguing to me.

This guy was money in the postseason and pitched extremely well in his two spot starts last year. He is still fairly young at 29 and can definitely bring alot to this club, other than long man out of the bullpen.

Yes, I was against signing Roy Oswalt and pushing Harrison to the bullpen, which putting Feldman in the rotation would surely do. That was for different reasons though. For one, signing an aging pitcher that would probably put up roughly the same numbers as Harrison wasn’t a good option, but exchanging him for Feldman sounds a little more enticing, if Feldman can return to form that is.

This is mainly just a food for thought post. Stay thirsty my friends.