Deep In The Heart Of Texas

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After decades of playing in the dirt the Texas Rangers have finally got to the pinnacle in the American League and within a strike twice or a foot further back of being the best in the entire league. Yet the national image of the Rangers now is little more than it was in the great days of Nolan Ryan. Just a ho-hum roster that included one or two name players who have to do it all, it is my great joy to let everyone know that the past is the past. Now the Texas Rangers are your worst nightmare.

My soon to be best friend Justin Hunter wrote an article for Call to the Pen that basically stated that if Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli are not resigned we will suck again. In years past he would be absolutely right. But now he couldn’t have been more wrong. Is Hamilton a very important part of the Rangers? Absolutely he is but he isn’t irreplaceable. Is Mike Napoli awesome to see? Yes but where was he in 2010? The key to Ranger success right now is not two players. It is instead Jon Daniels and the Nolan Ryan headed ownership group.