The Greatest Show On Earth


There aren’t words that can describe how excited I am for this guy.  This isn’t going to be a long post, because you can find recaps of the game today here…or here…or here.  Three strikeouts in 2 innings, on March 7th, almost a month away from the beginning of the season…amazing.  Now, I don’t think that all of his starts will be this good, nor will I be disappointed if he gives up some runs this year, but I am still pumped.   Richard Durrett has a breakdown of his entire outing today:


  • CF Cameron Maybin: Fastball called strike (92), slider ball (85), fastball strike (93), fastball fouled (95), splitter ball (88), slider (84) for a swinging strikeout.
  • 2B Orlando Hudson: Fastball swinging strike (94), changeup ball (85), fastball strike (93), splitter fouled (87), 92 fastball up in zone, double to CF.
  • 1B Jesus Guzman: Slider strike (83), fastball called strike (95), slider (82) fly out to center.
  • LF Carlos Quentin: Fastball swinging strike (93), fastball ball (93), slider strike (83), fastball ball (94), curve swinging strike (80).


  • RF Will Venable: Curve swinging strike (67), changeup ball, splitter strike (87), splitter ball (88), fastball (92) hit for double off wall in CF.
  • DH Mark Kotsay: Two-seam fastball called strike (90), cutter (88) hit to first for groudball out.
  • 3B James Darnell: Fastball ball (93), slider called strike (83), fastball (93), curveball (78) ball, fastball (94) chopped back to mound, Darvish throws home to get runner in rundown.
  • C John Baker: Fastball called strike (92), cutter fouled (89), curve fouled (80), fastball ball (93), splitter (88) for strikeout.

How awesome is that.  Let me tell you, it’s really awesome.  Be excited my friends, be extremely excited.  This is a gigantic step forward in the timeline of the Texas Rangers, one that will live forever known as The Yu Darvish Beginning.  3 strikeouts in 2 innings, on March 7th….Amazing.  Stay thirsty my friends, Go Rangers.