Words Of The Wise From Yu Darvish


So yesterday Yu Darvish gave up a very very deep double to Will Venable right at the start of the 2nd inning and afterwards decided to

justify his hiccup


“With the dry air in Arizona and the wind blowing out, it carried the ball,” Darvish said. “It didn’t seem like a ball that was hit that squarely.”

Perfect. This is the kind of attitude that he needs. He needs to absolutely know that he is good and will be good…to an extent. Of course, this was given by translator and things definitely could have gotten mixed up in the exchange, but either way this is awesome. Venable was quoted later as wanting some humility, but hopefully he won’t get it. Others may think differently than I but I don’t care, I’m a huge fane of his bravado and confidence. I read an article on Yahoo by a writer that said that if it were Roy Halladay that had given up the double, he would have made the same cocky comment. So, press on Mr. Darvish, keep it up, Rangers fans are all about it…and that is what matters. Oh and did I mention he had 3 strikeouts in 2 innings and it was also his first Major League start? Go Rangers.