Elvis Over The Years


A few days ago I read a post about Elvis Andrus and his new weight and muscle gain. It sparked my curiosity and I took a look at his stats and what they could mean for his production going further. With him breaking into the league so young, and with some high production seasons, he might have a legitimate shot at the infamous 3,000 hit plateau. I broke it down like this:

His rookie year was 2009 and his stats were:
.267 AVG
.329 OBP
.373 SLG
17 doubles, 8 triples and 6 home runs and a total of 128 hits

.265 AVG
.342 OBP
.301 SLG
15 doubles, 3 triples, and a big goose egg in the home run column. 156 hits total for the year.

.279 AVG
.347 OBP
.361 SLG
27 doubles, 3 triples, 5 home runs. 164 hits.

So for a basic overview, we saw a fairly productive rookie year, a small decline in 2010, and then a small spike in the numbers for last season. Though his hits total and OBP did increase each year. The 3 year average for his hits is right at 150, which means it would take 20 seasons for him to reach 3,000 hits. 20 seasons is a long time, very possible, but not likely. His recent weight gain could definitely influence this in some way, hopefully a good way. A few seasons of 200 hits or so would up his chances for this milestone by a lot. With this current trend of increasing hits, this is getting more and more likely. I would also like to see some more power from our young shortstop. Not necessarily home runs, but more doubles would definitely contribute to more runs scored. Elvis is a huge contributor to the Rangers as a whole and I thoroughly enjoy watching him play ball.  Thank you again JD for making the best trade ever.

Stay thirsty my friends, Go Rangers.