What To Look For Today


Today, at around 3pm, Yu Darvish will be making another Cactus League start against the Cleveland Indians.  It will be broadcast on the MLB Network, MLB TV and in North Texas on a local channel, though the broadcast will be a Cleveland one.

A few things to watch for during the game if you are lucky enough to catch it:

1) Obviously Yu Darvish.  He had a great first outing against San Diego and hopefully he can turn that into two good ones.  I expect to see more of the same as last time, ground balls and strikeouts.  Look for him to throw from the windup instead of the stretch today.

2) The centerfield battle.  Julio Borbon has come out of the gates pretty hot but we’ve seen this before from him.  The past 2 years he has won the job come opening day but has gotten injured or fizzled down the stretch.  Craig Gentry isn’t doing so well at the plate, 0-11, but he has been bothered by a hamstring problem that could be limiting his performance.  Hopefully soon he will get the chance to shine.

3) Defensive errors.  The Rangers have commited quite a few this spring already, mainly by Minor League fellows, but this is something that should be ironed out soon.

Today’s game should be an interesting one, hopefully we all get to see it.  Until next time, Go Rangers.