The Left Handed Situation In Arlington


So far, Matt Harrison and Derek Holland have shined this spring.  Given their major step forward last year, this is somewhat of a natural growth, which shouldn’t take away from how awesome it is.

With the year Derek Holland had last year, the performance in the World Series, and his continued growth, this year certainly has the potential to be a very exciting one for the young southpaw.  Speaking of his World Series performance: he allowed 2 hits with seven strikeouts in 8 and 1/3 innings.  In my opinion, other than the perfect game thrown by Don Larsen, this is the best pitching performance in the history of the World Series.  I also believe that I’m not the only person that thinks that.  Hopefully, that energy will transfer into the 2012 regular season like it has so far this spring, his last start he threw 4 shutout innings by the way.

Matt Harrison wasn’t as flashy and didn’t sport an asinine moustache throughout the year, but was just as important to the success the Rangers had last year.  This spring he is looking equally as good.  In the past, he has focused alot on the mental aspect of pitching during the offseason and it has definitely given him some success.  This spring, he just finished throwing a 4 inning shutout of 1 hit ball and looks to continue being a monster in the rotation. 

Alot of the Rangers media attention has been focused on Yu Darvish or Josh Hamilton’s latest look-at-me debacle, but it should be trained on these guys.  These two are the heroes that the Rangers need, and also the ones they deserve.  Stay thirsty my friends, Go Rangers.